My Week in Dreams

My next door neighbour Ella had organised a march up my street, it was something to do with Amnesty International. It was late at night and lots of kids came running up the street past my house. They disappeared and I was standing alone on the empty street when my phone went. It was my dad and he said,
“It’s dangerous to be out at the moment.”
“How?” I said.
“Me and your mum are in the park…. a pram erupted.” I was quite confused by this sentence.
“What do you mean a pram erupted?!”
“It erupted with green slime” Then he went very quiet and I looked up at the sky and saw the silhouette of a flying saucer. I shat myself and ran into my house then

I was in a courtyard full of people and there was a toilet completely out in the open. I needed the toilet so it seemed sensible to use the toilet that was there. I sat down on the toilet then began to feel uncomfortable with everyone watching me then

I went to my friend Skye’s house and ate a roast dinner that tasted like cheese then

I flew to someone’s back garden near my house. There was this really cool tree branch in the back garden but it turned out that these two guys had stolen it. Some men arrived to take their tree branch back and the two thieves got on the back of a lorry and rode away. Then I was with the two thieves and we were at some kind of detention camp far out in the desert. After many years we somehow escaped and walked for miles until trees started to appear. We found a place that we’d been before, one of us had dropped a chocolate bar 10 years previously and it was still lying on the ground, unmelted. Then we had to climb up a very steep slope with prickly plants on it but the soles of my converse were so shit and had no grip on them. I almost got to the top then slid right back down. At this point we decided to go and see a woman who lived in a hut in the middle of nowhere who gave us dead people’s passports so we could form a new identity


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